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Windfall Updates

Read about Windfall's offspring's performance, and see a gallery of Windfall's foals here.

Outside Breeding Association Approvals: Windfall has now been approved as a sire by the Irish Horse Board (ISH), by the Westphalian Verband, and by the Swedish Warmblood registry (all three worldwide).

And in November 2004, Windfall was formally inspected by a combined team of German and North American Hanoverian judges and approved as an elite Hanoverian Stallion, for use both here and in Germany as an improvement sire in that breed. He may produce studbook Hanoverian foals from mainstudbook Hanoverian mares and registered mares with at least 50% Hanoverian blood. More detailed information may be obtained from the AHS office in Lexington, Ky.

Windfall has been actively breeding mares in 2012 and 2013, but during the hot months his semen counts and viability have begun to diminish, as he is now 21 years old. This was particularly a problem in the severe drought/heat of 2012 in Missouri. During these two years his semen while in Florida, prior to mid-April remained quite good. Because there are still mare owners who are highly interested in producing Windfall foals, we are supplementing the fresh cooled semen with good quality frozen semen when needed, which can be shipped from Ocala, by prior arrangement.

Every effort will be made to give the best possible service to mare owners. Our terms are contained in a plain-language agreement form, which may be obtained by requesting it from us at:

Fees: The breeding fee will remain $3000. It provides for a live foal guarantee. A shipping cost deposit is also required and both items must be paid in advance, prior to shipping semen. Costs run $250 per collection, which includes collection and semen preparation fees, and either use of the container or we will send in a disposable container. Overnite Fed ex costs are added. Non-disposable containers may be returned more slowly for a very reasonable fee by Fedex, at the mare owner's expense.

Shipment: We ship fresh semen via Fed-ex in either Equitainers or smaller semi-disposables. Collecting and shipping is done six days a week most of the season, depending on Windfall's location, which varies. Equitainers must be promptly returned. Frozen semen shipments will be organized as needed.  Canadian shipments can be arranged.

Mare selection: Preference has in the past been given to ATA or Trakehner Verband-registered mares and to Jockey Club-registered thoroughbreds, particularly those with successful performance records or especially interesting pedigrees. However due to his approval by the above-mentioned four other breed registries, the same preference will be extended to Hanoverian, Irish Sporthorse, Westphalian, and Swedish mares. Infertile and marginally fertile mares are not being solicited. More details are contained in the contract. Mares of other breeds, especially warmbloods and warmblood/TB crosses, are evaluated and usually accepted in a variety of circumstances, mainly involving performance histories.

Disease: Windfall is EVA-negative and is vaccinated annually. He has no communicable disease, nor any known adverse genetic trait. He is ATA-certified to be free of the three Arabian-associated genetic mutations (CA, LFS, and SCID).

Registration of foals: All Windfall foals are eligible for registry in the American Trakehner Association registry book or appendix book. Details of registration requirements for other breeds may be obtained from those registries. We will help in this if needed. All Trakehner and other appropriate mares bred and reported to us as settled will be reported annually to the ATA. The same applies to the American Hanoverian Society for Hanoverian mares. At the end of the year of breeding, when all fees and refunds have been taken care of, a breeding certificate will be supplied on request to each non-ATA mare owner, providing permanent proof of intended parentage of the foal that results. We recommend ATA registration when appropriate for several reasons, not the least of which is eligibility for the extensive awards program they conduct.

Breeding advice: We would be glad to discuss your particular situation, offer more information about suitability for breeding your mare, or answer any other questions. The best method of contacting us is by the email address shown above.

Windfall's Availability: Now that he is retired from eventing, Windfall resides with us, in Ocala, FL in winter and near Columbia, MO in the summer. He is ridden regularly and is fit and fertile. Except in unusual situations he is available for fresh cooled semen collection and shipments continuously. Weekend shipping problems will remain an issue at times, but planning ahead is usually the solution. Cooled semen remains viable for several days after arrival.

Mare Boarding: Due to the nature of our own farms and programs we are not able to board client mares for breeding or gestation and delivery, but both in Florida and in Missouri mares may be boarded at our vets' facilities, nearby in Ocala, and across the road in Missouri. Inquiries about this are welcome.

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